One thing I hear all the time as I talk to other product managers is the need for a safe space to discuss real challenges and strategies that go beyond the simple answers we often read about online. The Elezea Community aims to fill that need by being a private, low noise, high signal community on Spectrum where we have slow, helpful conversations about the day-to-day issues we face as people who create products.

We follow some very specific guidelines:

  • First and foremost, the community adheres completely to the Spectrum Code of Conduct. Any person violiating any part of the Code of Conduct will be banned immediately.
  • This is a calm, supportive space. If you prefer the constant action of high velocity messages, one of the many Product Management Slack groups out there would probably a better fit.
  • We’re serious about the “slow” nature of the space. Days might go by without a message. That’s fine. Good, even. It’s not meant to be one more online space to give people anxiety. It’s a space to learn and grow together.
  • Content-wise, we focus on things that will help us become better product managers. We’re practical, we ask questions, we talk about real problems, and we share advice from our own experience.
  • It is not a space for self-promotion. It’s ok to mention things we’ve done or written in the context of answers or advice, but you won’t see things like “hey, check out this thing I wrote, what do you think?”

The Elezea Community is a private space. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please request access.