Podcast recommendations: interviews with Teresa Torres and Tim Herbig

Product Management podcasts are a bit hit and miss, but this week there were two discussions that I found really interesting and useful.

First, on the Product Science Podcast, an interview with Teresa Torres on continuous product discovery:

Teresa Torres is a product discovery coach and the author of the Product Talk Blog. She spends most of her time coaching cross-functional product teams on how to adopt continuous discovery practices. On this episode of the Product Science Podcast, we get into how you can refine your product discovery practices.

And on the Product Experience Podcast, Tim Herbig discusses how to be an effective product leader when you don’t have “official” power:

Tim Herbig has made many mistakes (who hasn’t?). Fortunately for us, Tim not only owns up to his mistakes, he’s written a book to help the rest of us avoid making the same ones. We’ve all had issues with how to work best – not only within our individual teams, but with the rest of the organisation as well. In our conversation, he shares some simple and practical methods to diagnose when you have a problem and how to solve it.

Tim references Teresa’s work in his conversation, so the two episodes are really complementary as well, which is a nice bonus. Tim’s agile peer canvas to foster empathy within a team is also really interesting and worth looking into.