QA in a post-QA world

There are a few controversial ideas in Benjamin Sandofsky’s You Can’t Go Home Again, in which he basically says that Agile methodologies shouldn’t be used in mobile app development. I did find this perspective on QA interesting in our increasingly post-QA world:

Sit down with a software engineer from anywhere but the web, and ask them about QA. Tell a game developer you don’t need it, they’ll tell you you’re nuts. Maybe these agile people have been burned by bad QA, but a great QA team is far from a bunch of monkeys clicking buttons all day.

Formal QA provides a counterpoint to “move fast and break things.” Their job isn’t to say, “No.” It’s perfectly fine to ship bugs– otherwise software would never ship. You need someone who is aware of all the bugs, and help you make the decision if the risk is worth it.

Also see Michael Lopp’s The QA Mindset for some really good perspective.