Can Every Sales-Driven Company be Transformed to Being Product-Led?

Some solid points in this article from Jason Knight. On product-led vs. sales-led (but could also refer to engineering-led) organizations:

To be honest, my strong opinion is that if you have to worry about who’s “leading” anything, then you’ve got bigger problems to worry about than who’s leading. If your entire company is aligned around what’s important and how to get there, then anyone could “lead” you there. This is supposed to be a collaboration, not a dictatorship. If one team “leads” and others don’t agree with where they’re being led, fix that! I generally find that misalignment is one of the most important problems to solve in any struggling company.

Hard agree with that one. I don’t believe in “healthy tension” between product and engineering. Just like I shy away from the traditional hierarchical view of “bosses tell employees what to do”. Whether it’s Product and Engineering or Manager and Teammate… it’s about partnership and helping each other (and the company) grow. We have to reframe this idea that adversarial relationships somehow create better teams and products.