Link roundup for February 4, 2023

The Calculator Drawer is “a collection of emulated calculators, providing reference to how they worked and what the often unique interfaces would consist of.” (via Clive)

The Last Boeing 747 Leaves the Factory (NYT Gift Link). “The plane known as ‘Queen of the Skies’ helped make air travel more affordable, but it has been supplanted by smaller, more efficient aircraft.”

Here’s everything you ever wanted to read about the “This Is Fine” meme. The Meme That Defined a Decade (The Atlantic, possible soft paywall): “Memes are typically associated with creative adaptability, the image and text editable into nearly endless iterations. ‘This Is Fine,’ though, is a work of near-endless interpretability: It says so much, so economically. That elasticity has contributed to its persistence. The flame-licked dog, that avatar of learned helplessness, speaks not only to individual people—but also, it turns out, to the country.”

See also ‘This Is Fine’ creator explains the timelessness of his meme (The Verge), ‘This is fine’ creator reflects on 10 years of the comic meme (NPR), and the artist’s own reflection on the anniversary.

I adore the Barely Maps project—a collection of minimalist maps of places the author has visited. Here’s my local one:

I like this idea of “critical ignoring” as a way to be more intentional about our online time: “Critical ignoring is the ability to choose what to ignore and where to invest one’s limited attentional capacities.” See also The Sad, Beautiful Fact That We’re All Going To Miss Almost Everything.