Medium as RSS reader

Despite its ridiculous name I’ve become quite fond of the POSSE movement (Publish on your Own Site, Syndicate Everywhere). It’s pretty easy to hook up and automate, so I’ll just mention the basics (and then move on to the problem child):

I can add more things through IFTTT, but I think that’s all I need for now. Except for Medium. I really didn’t know what to do with Medium, especially considering this and this:

But then it dawned on me… Indie publishers have been thinking about Medium all wrong. We’ve been thinking about Medium as a thing that eats all the world’s content with zero regard for publishers. But Medium is, in fact, nothing more than a next-generation RSS reader. You can follow people and publications, and presumably things will then show up in your feed (it’s all a little confusing to me). That’s when I realized that I should treat Medium not as a publishing platform but as an RSS platform just like Google Reader (may it rest in peace) or Feedly.

So back I went to IFTTT, and did this:

Medium RSS

Now every post on this site will automatically appear on Medium as well. So I guess my point is that if Medium is your RSS reader of choice, you can now subscribe to Elezea on Medium here.