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Who I am

I'm a product leader with a background in user experience design. I am focused on designing and building high-quality software that people love to use. I also wrote a book about the process called Making It Right.


I am Head of Product at Wildbit.


I wrote a book about product management.


I occasionally speak at events on a variety of product and design topics.

What this site is about

I used to write a blog to help you and me become better software product managers and technology workers. It was focused on articles and resources to help us grow in our craft. The blog is currently on hiatus, but I do still write a newsletter with recommendations for meaningful things to read, listen to, and watch.


I wrote articles and shared resources about product management, the software development process, and working better together.


Get a sort-of-weekly email with recommendations for a few meaningful things to read, listen to, and watch that I believe deserve your attention.

And beyond...

Check out my speaking and external writing pages for more.