Do you want critique, or a hug?

Jon Kolko gives some great advice on design critiques. I particularly enjoyed this part:

A “bad critique” is one of the most valuable things a designer can receive, because it short-circuits the expert blind spot and helps you see things in new and unique ways, and it does it quickly. But sometimes in the design process, you don’t actually want feedback at all: you want affirmation, and you want someone to celebrate your work so you feel good. Learning to understand the difference is critical, because if you ask for critique, people will give you critique. But if you ask people to tell you the three best parts of your design, they’ll probably do it. As Adam Connor offered in his IA Summit talk, “Don’t ask for critique if you only want validation. If you want a hug, just ask.“

Speaking of critiques, this is my preferred process to get the most value out of them.